The Gitathuru flows from Limuru and it’s the river that is next to Wangige town. Lari is one of the 12 sub-counties in Kiambu County, and is further divided to five wards each electing a representative to the Kiambu County Assembly. Along this stretch, the Ngong River valley plays host to Mukuru, Fuata Nyayo and Sinai slums. Not the least disappointed. If the Nairobi River were a human being, it would have choked to death by now. Mathari River then continues to flow and forms a boundary between Huruma and Mathari North estates before crossing Outering road where it forms a boundary between Kariobangi North and Baba Ndogo. Athi river flowing near the eponymous town. The town, situated 17 km (10.6 mi) south of the Nairobi Central Business District and west of the Ngong hills, lies 1,731 meters (5,682 feet) above sea level. The Mara River is a river in Narok County (Kenya) and in Mara Region (Tanzania), and lies across the migration path of ungulates in the Maasai Mara/Serengeti game reserves. Best nearby. Having joined the Athi River, the Nairobi River Basin ceases to exist. Gitathuru flows through the deep river valley one crosses whilst using Peponi Road past Oil Libya. The constituency was established in 1966. Mbagathi River flows past Rongai and goes on to form the Southern boundary of the Nairobi National Park. Point where Ngong River joins the Nairobi River in Dandora5. Lari Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya, located forty kilometers from Nairobi along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. It is also the name of a parliamentary constituency and an administrative division. It proceeds through Highridge and Muthaiga area behind Getrudes Hospital and emerges on Thika road after the Pangani interchange. It flows besides the Southern bypass between Dagoretti and Karen. It crosses Langata Road near TMall and proceeds through Nairobi West where it can be seen near West mall. The theory is based on the concept of dynamic equilibrium in which streamforms balance between physical parameters, such as width, depth, velocity, and sediment load, also taking into account biological factors. Apart from Mathari slum along the Mathari River, there is Korogocho slum along the same river, Kibera slum along the Ngong River and Mukuru slums also along the Ngong River. I got tired of wanting to read detailed, long form articles on various topics that interest me so I decided to write about them. The main stream, Nairobi River, bounds the northern city centre, where it is partly canalized. See all. It flows through Karen and it is the river that passes through Oloolua Forest. Ihwagi is a settlement in Kenya's Central Province. the nairobi river Nairobi is named as the place of cool waters and with such a name it is easy to assume that it is all cool about its waters, but is this really the case? Mount Kenya is the source of the name of the Republic of Kenya. [2]. It also part of Matungulu Constituency. The river then forms a distinction between EABL-Ngumba area and Baba Ndogo. It crosses Ngong Road at the Mbagathi bridge, past Karen Shopping Centre on your way to Ngong. Beyond its fauna, Kenya’s forest also hosts 6505 types of vascular plants, with 4.1% only being found in Kenya. This article is very informative and inspires me to do more than just get fascinated. Further downstream, it forms the boundary between Githurai Kimbo and the Northern side of Mwiki. The Nairobi regeneration team tasked with cleaning up Nairobi River have found another body. Nairobi River. It is also joined by the Gatharaini at this site and further upstream, the Kiu river. This was probably because of the existence of a water source, Nairobi River and its tributaries, which cut through the city. The name comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nairobi, which translates to "cool water", a reference to the Nairobi River which flows through the city. The cave system within the Ngong River valley at Oloolua is famed for being Mau Mau hideouts during the war for independence. This map was made in order to support activities, which save Nairobi River. Tala is a location of Matungulu division. Ngong River originates from the Kibiku forest, South of Ngong hills. 2003. The streams within the Park all flow to join the Mbagathi River. All of the Nairobi basin rivers join east of Nairobi and meet the Athi River, eventually flowing to the Indian ocean. These two rivers flow side by side for quite a distance before finally merging. A public park is situated along this area, which was once full of garages, but was rehabilitated when John Michuki was the Minister for Environment. NMS shares picture of a duck in Nairobi River. River Road, Nairobi: See 29 reviews, articles, and 64 photos of River Road, ranked No.57 on Tripadvisor among 80 attractions in Nairobi. Athi river at Sabaki bridge, about a kilometer near mouth at Indian ocean. The GOK It has been estimated that since Kenya’s independence in 1963 the forest has dropped from covering 10% of the nation to 6%, losing approximately 12,000 hectares annually. Dormans Restaraunt (59) 6 min $$ - $$$ Cafe. Gathara-ini Stream [4] originates in marshes in the lower reaches of Aberdare mountains and flows through human settled areas. Kirichwa is the river passing near Kingara road behind the Junction Shopping Mall and crosses the river valley across Argwings Khodek after Habesha Restaurant. At this point, it is known as Motoine river. The mountain range is called Nyandarua among the Agikuyu people in whose territory this forest and mountain range is located. Despite various attempts to restore it over the past decades, the river continues to choke with garbage, industrial waste, agro and petro chemicals, heavy metals and other pollutants, which have caused the extinction of aquatic life and turned the river into an eyesore. R. Ragati River - Ruiru River. Distribution of epilithic diatoms in response to environmental conditions in an urban tropical stream, Central Kenya. It starts off in Kiambu at Kanunga area where after a few kilometres, it lays its first claim to fame by being the river dammed at Paradise Lost Resort. Libraries. A distinct feature of the key Nairobi slums is that they are located along river valleys. A feature of the streams and rivers in Nairobi is that they all flow eastwards. !Join and find your friends from back then and see what they are up to!! The confluence area of these two rivers was named ‘Chiromo’ which means ‘joining of two rivers’ in a Malawian language. Most of the big cities found in Asia, Europe, North America and parts of Africa are located on the banks of big rivers. Kirichwa River finally joins the bigger brother, Nairobi River at Museum Hill. In the midsections of Kiambu, extensive coffee estates and intensive mixed farming are the major forms of land use. The concept was first developed in 1980 by Robin L. Vannote, with fellow researchers at the Stroud Water Research Center. Here, Nairobi River is joined by its major tributary – the Kirichwa River – which emerges from the Dagoretti area and flows through Riruta. Ngong Hills is a major catchment area and as such, many streams flow down from the Hills through Karen and further downstream into the National Park. Past the National Park, Mbagathi River emerges near Athi River town and cuts across Namanga Road. With an area of 227,594 km², it is Australia's sixth largest state or territory. The river emerges on Kiambu Road and one crosses it after the Muthaiga police station on your way to Kiambu. The body of a middle-aged man brings the number of bodies found along the river since the exercise started to 16. The biggest of these streams is the Mokoyeti which is the river that crosses Langata Road between Galleria Shopping Mall and the Langata Cemetery. The Ondiri wetland is a peatland bog and the source of the Nairobi River. It is on the Karatina town- Karatina University, approximately 5 kilometers from Karatina Town (CBD) and roughly 130 kilometers from Nairobi city. This is due to the fact that the cities began as villages, then towns near major rivers so as to guarantee supply of water. Nairobi River then flows near the Westlands-Rhapta road area and besides St Marys School before crossing the Westlands bypass near Chase Bank. It then flows along the Lower Kabete valley, next to the UON School of Business and proceeds to Kitisuru. It forms a natural boundary between Loresho and Lower Kabete where it is dammed. Kenya’s forests are fragmented across the country, combined together the forests expand to over 37 million hectares. I have always been fascinated by the river network in Nairobi. The World War II period and its aftermath made it clear to British colonial administration that reform was needed to sustain Kenyan forests. The Nairobi River Basin comprises three main rivers namely; Ngong, Nairobi and Mathare. On this page you can find a location map as well as a list of places and services available around River Road: Hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, educational centers, ATMs, supermarkets, gas stations and more. Further downstream it flows in the Lucky Summer area and joins the Nairobi River at Dandora phase 5. In the lower sections of Githurai and Zimmerman, the stream is characterized by coffee farming, intensive mixed farming and some industries such as Kamiti Tannery Factory. This river derives its name from the Kikuyu word Ruirwaaka meaning ‘the river of women’. It appears government efforts to clean up the highly polluted Nairobi river are finally starting to bear fruit. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The rivers therefore flow by gravity to the East. Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake in Kenya, outside the town of Naivasha in Nakuru County, which lies north west of Nairobi. Very good work and now i can identify with confidence the various streams/rivers i have always seen flow for years. At this point, Ngong River is the most polluted river in the country and cannot support any living organisms, including bacteria, as a result of navigating 12 kilometres through the Nairobi’s Industrial Area where chemical waste is discharged into the river. The name derives from the local Maasai name Nai'posha, meaning "rough water" because of the sudden storms which can arise. The area was so named by Ewart Grogan, one of the early colonial settlers, who saw similarities between the area and a village he had travelled through in Southern Malawi that went by the same name. 4 Other Attractions within 0.3 miles. Today, Nairobi is technically a dead river. Great job, thanks for sharing. By comparison the north and northwest of the state is extremely flat with little prominence. NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 22- Residents of Athi River will from Monday ride in the newly launched Commuter Railway System from to Nairobi Central Station. The population of the town, as of 2004, was about 4,800. The bigger Nairobi River crosses the Eastern by pass a short distance North of the Kagundo road intersection and flows next to the Nairobi Sewage treatment works at Ruai where treated Nairobi waste water is discharged into the river. The lower stream waters are brackish and characterized by a foul smell. Past Argwing Kodhek, Kirichwa River flows through Kileleshwa and passes next to the Arboretum. From Kikuyu, the river flows through Dagoretti area and crosses Naivasha road between Uthiru and Kawangware near ILRI. According to Nema’s director of compliance and enforcement, Mr Benjamin Langwen, the 40km stretch of Nairobi river from the source to the city has been covered. Gitathuru flows through the Muthaiga golf club before crossing Thika Road next to Utalli college and NYS Headquarters. Nairobi River then joins Athi River after this. Further downstream at Dandora phase 5, Nairobi River is joined by Ruaka River and becomes one big river. Gathara-ini is the river that lends its name to the Kasarani area. Athi River, a big river by this stage, flows round Mt. It then flows south of Mountain View estate and Kangemi before emerging at James Gichuru Road near Loreto Convent Msongari. sewerage matter is drained into the rivers.Surely this inhuman.The water in Mathare and Nairobi river is a good case scenario to this.Almost all the household surrounding this rivers dispose of their toilet effluents into the rivers.This creates a health hazard and possible future outcomes of diseases like cholera ,typhoid and bilharzia. Traveller's Restaurant (32) 6 min $$ - $$$ American. Nairobi River is a river flowing through the Kenyan capital Nairobi. This is a very short list of rivers in Kenya. Your email address will not be published. Other tributaries of Nairobi River Basin include; Kamiti river (Gathara-ini), Rui Ruaka, Karura Ruiru and Kirichwa. These rivers are mostly narrow and highly polluted, [1] though recent efforts have seen fruitful gains in cleaning up the river. Gathara-ini is the first big river one crosses from Roysambu on the way to Kamiti and Kahawa West. There is a second river called Nairobi in Kenya. One of the many streams in the Nairobi National Park that flow southwards to join the Mbagathi River. The map shows the areas of source pollution, land use, population density and industrial activity. It continues to flow behind Consolata School and cuts across the road at Riverside, before crossing Waiyaki way at Museum hill. The Athi-Galana-Sabaki River is the second longest river in Kenya. On your way to Dandora, Nairobi River cuts across Komarock Road and at this stage, the river is about to join with the Mathari River. The river then crosses Eastleigh First Avenue near Section 3 area. The river is seen near the Ngong Road intersection with the bypass and it is the river one crosses from Lenana School on your way to Karen. It would be great to have you guys contribute into this. The river also flows near or through Bahati, Jerusalem, Uhuru and Buruburu estates. Nairobi River Last updated February 25, 2020 Pollution in the Nairobi River.. Nairobi River is a river flowing through the Kenyan capital Nairobi.It is the main river of the Nairobi river basin, a complex of several parallel streams flowing eastwards.All of the Nairobi basin rivers join east of Nairobi and meet the Athi River, eventually flowing to the Indian ocean. Lari is located in the Western part of Kiambu County. Thank you. Tom Mboya Statue (30) 5 min. 1.1 The proposed Nairobi Sewerage Improvement Project addresses the sewage cleanup in the city of Nairobi through collection, conveyance and treatment of wastewater. Athi River flowing round Mt. This page was last changed on 29 July 2013, at 03:59. nd night to meet the high demand. Nairobi Rivers' source is at Ondiri swamp in Kikuyu. Most slums in Nairobi are found along river valleys (Image c/o Several tributaries, flowing eastwards join east of Nairobi at Athi River and into the Indian Ocean: Role of river system – Supports commercial fishing and farming ... from TSC led the “Safe Water 4” project and the successful rehabilitation of Gona Dam which is now a permanent source of water for 6000 people. The cleanup exercise started back in April 2018 as part of the Nairobi city regeneration progr Ondiri was initially called ‘Old Lady Swamp’ but local mispronunciation saw the swamp named Ondiri, a name which has stuck to date. Related Stories. The rivers join east of Nairobi and meet River Athi, eventually flowing into the Tana River that flows into the Indian Ocean. At New Njiru, Nairobi River is joined by another of the major Nairobi rivers, the Ngong River. I am currently working on a documentary on Nairobi and the Nairobi River and this is how I stumbled onto this article. River road, Nairobi Kenya. .The river flows side by side to its major tributary the Karura river which lends its name to Karura in Kiambu county and Karura forest downstream it flows through the river valley one crosses past Village Market, through Gigiri before traversing the Karura forest where you find the Karura falls and emerging on Kiambu road after the CID headquarters. Gathara-ini crosses Thika road as you approach Githurai from the city. It is located in Nyandarua County, west central Kenya, northeast of Naivasha and Gilgil and just south of the Equator. The Kiu River joins the Kamiti river, the stream between Kahawa Barracks and Kenyatta University, and after the Eastern by pass, it joins Nairobi river further upstream from where Gathara-ini joins. Cafe Deli (86) 6 min $$ - $$$ Cafe. The eastern half of the state is dominated by the Great Dividing Range and the surrounding uplands, which also to a lesser extent extend far into the west of the state and ease off after The Grampians. It is usually classified as being one town with Kangundo, due to their close proximity. It was a hot day and the toxic smells from the river warned me to keep a considerable distance. From Dandora, it is bordered to the North by Mwiki and to the South by Njiru, an area sparsely populated because of the extensive quarrying that takes place there. But it’s also used to discard household and human waste as many homes don’t have toilets, and industrial waste is frequently dumped … phase 1, they made thematic maps of the Nairobi River. Ndeiya is located in Kiambu County, Kenya, and is near the Great Rift Valley. The new name for the river at this point becomes Athi River, having been joined by Stony Athi river that flows from Isinya. Limuru is a town in central Kenya. River Road, Nairobi: 29 yorum, makale ve 64 resme bakın. The swamp which is in Kiambu County recharges Kikuyu springs-a source of water for the Nairobi River- and has four boreholes around it with total capacity of 245 cubic meters of … It offers an introduction to map out biological communities and also an explanation for their sequence in individual sections of water. An explorer, an infomaniac and a hippie. Another feature of the rivers in Nairobi is that most informal settlements are located along river valleys, as will be shown later in this article. [5] [6] During rainy seasons the discharge tends to multiply, causing floods on low-lying riverbanks. It has a total length of 390 kilometres (240 mi), and drains an area of 70 square kilometres (27 sq mi). Nairobi River, the main river of the Nairobi River Basin, starts from the Ondiri swamp in Kikuyu. Nearest Named Buildings. Nairobi River crosses Outering Road and cuts through Kariobangi South estate. Nairobi is not blessed with big rivers – or bridges – but instead, it has a maze of smaller rivers and streams, collectively referred to as the Nairobi River Basin. It flows for several kilometres through Industrial Area and is crossed by both Likoni road near Winners Chapel and Enterprise road from Tetra pack on the way to General Motors. National Archives (159) 5 min. S. Sondu Miriu River - Suam River. It flows through Kamukunji, behind the Machakos Bus Station and Gikomba. 2004. Efforts to conserve and preserve this river are yet to be initiated. It fits within the Government of Republic of Kenya (GOK) Vision 2030, its 2008-2013 Medium Term Plan and is part of the Nairobi River Rehabilitation and Restoration Program. Kenya’s forests are important at a global level as they host 1847 species of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles of which 4% are only found in Kenya. It starts on Mount Kenya and is a tributary of the Sagana and then the Tana, the longest river in Kenya. RuiRuaka starts its journey from the highlands near Limuru and flows southwards to the East of Limuru road past Ruaka town where you find the Ruaka falls past Two Rivers mall and Rosslyn Riviera onto Runda, Karura forest before emerging on Kiambu road before Ridgeways. The river then flows through South C and emerges at Mombasa road next to the ICC Church. Ruai Sewage Treatment Plant6. The Mathari valley has the second largest informal settlement in Kenya. Mûkûrwe'inî was a former district in Nyeri County, Kenya. Ngong River then flows Northwards to Kayole-Soweto area and crosses Kangundo road, joining Nairobi river at New Njiru. Mbagathi River upstream at Oloolua Forest. Nairobi River then flows next to Dandora Phase 1, past the vast Dandora dumpsite and links up with the Mathari river at Dandora Phase 4. The Balonne River, part of the Murray-Darling Basin system, is a short yet significant part of the inland river group of South West Queensland, Australia. River Road, Nairobi Show Map. The Gitathuru River continues to flow through the Western portion of the Karura forest, crossing Limuru road at the Belgian Embassy. Lake Hāmūn or "Hamoun Oasis" is a term applied to wetlands in endorheic Sīstān Basin on the Irano-Afghan border in the Sistan region. The Athi River flows across the Kapote and Athi plains, through Athi River town, then takes a northeast direction where it is met by the Nairobi River. Loved this – if only our urban planners would plan around bringing out the beauty in this city of ours. This was followed by the Ruiru dam in 1936 and the Sasumua Dam on the Chania River in 1945, both located in the Aberdare Range north of Nairobi, as well as local deep wells. Nairobi River4. In Iran, it is also known as Hāmūn-e Helmand, Hāmūn-e Hīrmand, or Daryācheh-ye Sīstān. All rights reserved. The State is comparable in size to the US state of Utah or the island of Great Britain. Been looking for this for a while now. The stream experiences different impacts originating from anthropogenic sources along the channels and in the catchment. The term Great American Desert was used in the 19th century to describe the western part of the Great Plains east of the Rocky Mountains in North America to about the 100th meridian. It is bound to the northwest by South Australia, directly north by New South Wales, and also shares a maritime border with Tasmania to the south, across the Bass Strait. Past Nairobi Dam, the river adopts the name Ngong River and flows next to Highrise, cutting across Mbagathi road near the AP Camp. Mathare slums along the Mathare River valley. Be blessed! Ndaruga, A. M., G. G. Ndiritu, N. N. Gichuki and W. N. Wamicha.N. Athi River then flows North Eastwards and is joined later on by the rivers from the Nairobi River Basin. It is a tributary of the Santa Ana River. Moreover, the sanitation facilities were It’s mainly used by residents of low-income settlements as a source of water for cleaning homes, bathing and for watering crops. Ngong River (still named Motoine at this stage) then flows through the Ngong Road Forest, emerging at Kibera where it is joined by other small streams. The river changes direction from Southwards to the North East as a natural barrier to the gravitational flow of the river is presented by the Lukenya Hills. [7]. Fredrick Okinda, the chairma Approximately three quarters of Victoria's population lives on and around the coast of the Port Phillip and Western Port bays, chiefly in Melbourne, in Victoria's South Central region. Nairobi's rivers suffer from contaminations by agriculture, slums and industrial areas. The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana. Sulama sektörüne hitap eden donanım mağazalarını arayan nehir yoluna vardık. Victoria is the southernmost mainland state of Australia. Mbagathi River at the Southern border of the Park2. Commuters will pay Sh80 fare from Athi River to Nairobi Station for the 1 hour and about 20 minutes trip to the Central Business District (CBD). Karura Forest is an urban forest in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. [3]. Take a game drive and spot some of Kenya’s “Big Five” without truly leaving Nairobi on this experience. By now,everyone is busy with their own lives.But it doesn't hurt to keep in touch with your long lost friends!! Most of Victoria's northern border lies along the Murray River. Further onwards the stream continues as Ngong River. This allows the structure of the river to be more predictable as to the biological properties of the water. Nairobi River - Naro Moru River - Njoro River - Nyando River - Nzoia River. The swamp was the first source of piped water for Nairobi as water used to flow through the pipes by gravity to the city. Mathari River then flows through Spring Valley emerging at Peponi road just before Oil Libya. Nairobi River, the main river of the Nairobi River Basin, starts from the Ondiri swamp in Kikuyu. The name Nyandarua comes from the Kikuyu word rwandarua meaning a drying hide, due to the distinctive fold of its silhouette. It is the river on Lower Kabete road that one crosses before the intersection between the Westlands-Red Hill bypass. At one point, the dam served the water needs of Nairobians and hosted various water sports, evidenced by the Sailors Club on the Langata side of the dam. Nairobi River is a tributary of River Athi which will be the main source of water for the dam. Kilimambogo through Ukambani area and 600 Kilometres later, the journey ends at the Indian Ocean near Malindi. Impact of water quality changes on riverine macroinvertebrate assemblages along a tropical stream, Ndiritu, G. G., N. N. Gichuki and L. Triest. Ongata Rongai is a town located in Kajiado County, Kenya. Biodiversity and conservation 15:3267-3293,, "Increased human activities threaten source of Nairobi River - Smart Harvest". Currently, it is a shopping center as well as one of the sub locations in Kairia Location of Kirimara Division, Mathira East District, Mathira Constituency, Nyeri County. This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name. The Moi Airbase covers a large area in this part of Eastlands and Nairobi River marks part of the Airbase’s boundary. The river has been singled out as the major source of contamination for residents of Makueni and Machakos counties who rely on it for various farming activities. The River Continuum Concept (RCC) is a model for classifying and describing flowing water, in addition to the classification of individual sections of waters after the occurrence of indicator organisms. Kilimambogo. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. It is 3,000 ft above sea level. Kenya'da iş için iki erkek kardeştik. Very interesting read. Required fields are marked *. A lot happens along the course of the Nairobi River as it makes its way from the north west to the south east of the city. The Nairobi Dam is an embankment dam on the Nairobi River in Nairobi, … Satellite Image of Nairobi:1. In the upper sections of Kiambaa and Kanunga areas, the stream passes through swampy and marshy areas, with subsistence agriculture and human settlement being the main types of land use. Past Mombasa Road, Ngong River flows into South B and passes near Mater Hospital. Most of Nairobi’s water comes from water dams located about 50km from the city that harness the Aberdares ranges water catchment area. Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, 6 (3): 343-354. This is the most comprehensive write-up on the Nairobi River system that I have come across online. The name is derived from a Maasai word. The River continue to flow on the southern side of Pangani and Mathari Hospital before emerging into the expansive Mathari valley where it finally meets up with the sister river Gitathuru. 18 Restaurants within 0.3 miles. It is part of the Great Rift Valley. T. Tana River (Kenya) - Thika River - Tsavo River - Turkwel River - Thugi River Y. Yala River. The source of the first piped water supply system of Nairobi were the Kikuyu springs and the Kabete treatment plant developed in 1906. The river rises in the Gatamaiyo Forest as the Athi River and enters the Indian Ocean as the Galana River.

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